Schedule Meetings Like a Boss

Lee Reilly bio photo By Lee Reilly

Do you manage a team of developers? Do you regularly schedule meetings? Use the power of GitHub to identify optimal meeting times to minimize disrupting your team!

Select one or more of your repositories and navigate to Graphs » Punchcard. You’ll see when your team is most and least active, so you can schedule meetings accodingly.

Here’s an example:

How to schedule a meeting

Fig 1: The optimal time for scheduling a meeting here is Mondays at noon. Don’t forget to treat your developers to a free lunch.

Obviously, it’s not as straightforward if you have a team that works across multiple repositories and/or timezones. At the very least you should be able to identify a few days and times to avoid scheduling meetings on e.g.

How not to schedule a meeting

Fig 2: Definately don’t schedule the daily standup meeting at 3pm.

Always be optimizing for developer happiness!